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System Description
Our WOT Shift (Ignition Cut) Module is an essential addition to any sequential transmission setup.  An accurate torque reduction during up-shifts at WOT or down-shifts under braking is required to get the most performance out of your sequential gear set.

Torque reduction is performed by programmatically cutting power by a specified % to the ignition coils during a shift event.  The dog-ring engagement (and disengagement) of a sequential transmission is dependant on the lightest torque reduction to perform the fastest shifts.

Our software provides the race engineer the ability to cut the ignition coil power by a given duration and/or percent based on the gear that the transmission is shifting into.  (When the transmission is equipped with a gear position sensor.)

Closed-loop operation is available for sequential transmissions equipped with high resolution gear position sensors such as the Blade360.

Systems can be configured to integrate throttle blip on downshift as well.

See DBW Throttle Controllers

System inputs:

  • Gear Position Sensor
  • Load Cell Shift Knob (Push-Pull) or (H-pattern)
  • RPM (optional)
  • Throttle Position (optional)

Calibratable Parameters:

  • Downshift Load Cell Threshold (mV)
  • Upshift Load Cell Threshold (mV)
  • Ignition Cut %
  • Delay after Thres. (ms)
  • Time between shifts (ms)
  • Blip Target %
  • Calibrate Gear Position Sensor 
  • Shift duration by gear (ms)
    • Upshift Table
    • Downshift Table

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