Gear Position Indicator

Gear Position Indicator

16 Segment Display
0-5V input from most Gear Potentiometers
Calibratable for any gear sequence

This gear position indicator was created to provide a high quality, motorsport grade, display for integration with most sequential transmission setups.
Currently accepts 0-5V inputs from gear position poteniometers available in most sequential gearboxes such as: Drenth, PPG, Holinger, Xtrac, etc.
Custom H-pattern sensors systems are being developed for T56/T6060 applications.

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Technical Notes:
  • 6 pin Molex Microfit 3.0
  • -Wire exit from bottom or rear panel
  • Made in the USA
  • 2.0" x 1.5" x 1.0"
  • 1.5 oz

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