Downshift Blip Module

Plug-n-Play - No more heel-to-toe - Consistent downshift, rev matched - USB programmable

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For Road Race - Street/Strip - DBW (Drive-by-wire) cars with Manual Transmission
Throttle Control Description

Simple installation with OEM throttle pedal, brake and clutch switch circuits.
Upon detection of a downshift event (Brake and Clutch pressed) the throttle is commanded to a target % for a set duration (ms) to rev match the lower gear.

Programmable Parameters
  • Target Throttle Blip %
  • Delay after trigger for blip (ms)
  • Duration of blip (ms)
  • Clutch Pos %
  • Min. time between blips (ms)

  • Technical Notes
    • OEM Throttle pedal connectors: Plug-n-Play
    • Red Power LED & Blue BLIP ACTIVE LED on front panel
    • Passive design, vehicle operates normally when power to module is switched off.
    • USB programmable (set it and forget it) with Android App or Windows PC program
    • Every unit end-of-line tested
    • Made in the USA

Sealed Enclosure and Harnesses

Cinch Enclosure and Molex MX150 Connectors
Dimensions: 5.2" x 2.8" x 1.7"

2008 - 2013 C6 Corvette
2010 - 2015 Camaro
Shown below

USB Programmable

BlipControl Video

USB Programmable via Android APP (USB OTG) or Windows PC program.

General Install PDF

C5 Corvette PDF

Shelby/Mustang PDF
In Car Video - Blips in Action

C5 Corvette - 1999 FRC

760 RWHP supercharged C5 - Test drive with our Plug-N-Play C5 DBW Blip Module

2014 Porsche Cayman S (981)

Highlight video from product development - Delivered to customer for HPDE Sebring/Daytona

BBY Racing Mustangs

"The Results speak for themselves, the Unit was tested in an 18 Hour endurance race in freezing conditions with Snow on the track! The Unit Performed flawlessly!" - Eric R.

Xineering Z06 - Daytona

2007 Corvette Z06 - Xineering GCU (Gearbox Control Module) with integrated DBW Blip Module Clutchless up and down shifts w/T56 Sequential transmission

Epic Motorsports E46 - Sebring

Onboard with Epic Motorsports at the 2017 NASA GTS East Coast Championships - Consistent Downshift blips via Xineering blip module